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Intergate Cargo

Comércio Exterior

World Cargo Alliance Member
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When your cargo demands an unique treatment

Special projects are distinguished from the usual ones because of their bureacratic difficulties, logistic and/or the specific knowledge needed that demands high levels of expertise with short term and vital deadlines.
InterGate is mainly offered projects:

  • Overweight and oversized cargoes
  • Temporary importation and exportation
  • Movement of complete production plants
  • Client support and international fair shipments
  • Hazardous cargoes
  • Perishable merchandise
  • Valuable cargoes
  • Fragile cargoes
  • Among others

Intergate offer services with a highly qualified and experienced staff to achieve all of the customer’s demands. After the analysis of the project specifications, we transform these challenging demands into a viable and satisfactory operation, with the security and agility needed on the procedures.

Events and Fairs

Guarantee the success of your exposition

Become a worldwide known company joining fairs and events in Brazil, a great growing economy, to have better visibility and to emphasize international business. To reach the Brazilian market a good performance is important in these events. Count on us for logistic handling as we already know our market.

InterGate has the know-how demanded to achieve a great performance through the Brazilian team and the WCA agency, worldwide network. Contact one of our analysts to inquire the necessary documents and what is demanded for temporary cargo importation and guarantee the SUCCESS of your event.

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