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Intergate Cargo

Comércio Exterior

World Cargo Alliance Member
Intergate Cargo is part of the World Cargo Alliance Family. You can have access to services of verified quality...[+]


Why be InterGate’s partner?

Intergate Always concentrate its efforts to reach our customers’ and partners’ needs, not just imposing standard systems, but trying to fit the rules and operations to the way they usually work.

Our objective is to offer customized solutions to each situation, allowing you to act freely, in the most convenient, comfortable and correct manner.

On the other hand, we offer a solid structure, which improves the security for your transactions

With the head office located in Curitiba, InterGate is well prepared to operate the logistical management for your import and export operations, in a secure, economic, agile and intelligent manner

Reach Brazil

From our know-how we would be pleased to assist your company to reach the Brazilian market, helped by our knowledge of clearance laws as well as reach “door to door” Brazilian corner.

Feel yourself welcome in Brazil, handling your shipments in a smooth way with InterGate.

Receive the information needed without asking for it

Intergate sends each client daily updates and details about the progress of the client’s processes. Through InterGate follow Up program, information comes to you automatically, you don’t need to ask for it.

The information flow is one of the logistics pillars, following this concept, Intergate created an operational framework with the highest technologies available in the market guaranteeing the agility of information flow, internally and with clients and partners. All company procedures are systematically mapped, always seeking for operational excellence.

Try this excellence in your operation with Intergate

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