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Intergate Cargo

Comércio Exterior

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Intergate, a company that gained a prominent position and has exemplar performances in the Agribusiness.

Over the years, InterGate gained a prominent position in the Agribusiness industries with exemplar performances.

In this business field, great understanding of the regulatory system is demanded. InterGate grew into this market because of a comprehensive domainance of Agriculture, Health also Customs agencies requirements.

Intergate nowadays is one of few companies that have such complete domainance for this type of business, which will offer safety, agility and money saving for your operations.

Frozen and Perishables

These kinds of products demand a high level of responsibility and care in handling, which means that only with knowledge and qualification will it be possible to reach the correct performance. Presently InterGate is responsible for handling a significant number of customs clearances of frozen food such as chicken, fish and vegetables. It has been responsible for the accomplishment of vanguard projects that provided the opportunity for rail transportation of a variety of products, that brought huge savings and agility for projects.

Bulk Cargo

Intergate is one of the few companies that offers liquid and solid bulk clearance and shipment coordination at Paranagua Port, with the economy and safety that the commodities market demands. Everyone who operates in this market knows the importance of the precision in the coordination of these processes, considering the loss that may occur due to an occasional failure. Decrease the risks and increase the agility and safety which is demanded in this market working with Intergate!


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