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Intergate Cargo

Comércio Exterior

World Cargo Alliance Member
Intergate Cargo is part of the World Cargo Alliance Family. You can have access to services of verified quality...[+]

About Intergate


The company consolidated its name as a synonym of quality, as the result of a trajectory of excellent results for its clients. It is headquartered in Curitiba with branches located at Paranaguá and Cascavel cities, all in Brazil. Integate also counts on a great partner network in Brazil and around the world which is able to operate at the main ports and airports worldwide.

“We guarantee the maximum flow at our projects as well as answers to clients’ needs with the highest quality and agility. This is the Intergate standard service.”

The success achieved with the clients from many different businesses over these years, specially from agribusiness, this company was founded on a solid structure, with highly qualified professionals who are often updated and qualified in the latest technology offered on the market.

Our company can be counted on to give high quality service as a priority when executing your operations abroad. Be an InterGate client too!

Experience the excellence in your operations with Intergate Cargo.

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